Soul & Body Recovery (valentinarussia) wrote,
Soul & Body Recovery

I can't begin to truly imagine the depth of your pain.....

Dearest Valentina,
I am so glad to hear from you...
Although I called Guy last week to see how you and Andrei are,
and how Guy was holding up, I am very glad to receive your words.

I can't begin to truly imagine the depth of your pain.....
No mother could, unless they have experienced such profound loss themselves..
Words become platitudes, and for me no words I can offer you will ever feel
like they are enough...I can only send you loving energy and prayers and
offer you emotional support..but I know that that doesn't touch the deep
impenetrable wound. I know you will return to this country when you feel
you can and not a moment before....I think about you often and pray that
with the help of the divine, family and friends, and your connection with
spirit that in time your pain will lessen.
Be well, many blessings, and may you be guided and directed to what is in
your greatest interest and for your highest good..

Your Loving Friend, Judy

Bay area, Northern California, USA
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