Soul & Body Recovery (valentinarussia) wrote,
Soul & Body Recovery

I believe – it will help many-many souls besides me!

My God!
Thank you!
I am so excited!

I’ve found the way to put all of your letters together!

Letters, that I have received from you during this painful time…

It is here:

“ Oh, God! Save Me From Me!”

You can read it! There are so many wonderful letters!
I have just started to place them there, but I’ll do more!..
I believe – these words and love of yours will help many-many souls besides me!

Oh! I am so excited!!!

You can not only read it!
You can place there your comments!
Sharing your thoughts with others!..

When you know – it will help lots of people to survive in their time of sorrow!

To stay alive, when the grief is bitter…
And loss is far behind your power to overcome it…

I am so happy – we have this chance!


P.S. And I don’t have to “bombard” you with tones of my letters anymore!
The note…
There, in that Live Journal…
You have to have a "user name" or comment, "anonymously."
I wish that you'll make a registration for yourself there so you'll have a user name!
Plus – you’ll be able to create your own Live Journal and then I (and we) can write you too…
And you can read everybody’s comments too...
Yet, I can keep you posted about where I am and so on...

October 24th 2004
Kazan, Russia
5:50am Kazan & Moscow time
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