Soul & Body Recovery (valentinarussia) wrote,
Soul & Body Recovery

...very deeply into the mysteries you are being taken into....

Dearest Valentina,

Thank you for your Love from Russia and for your messages!
I haven't written you in a very long time,
but my heart is with you and I have you in my prayers every day.
I usually get two copies of your emails, but just take that as a sign I should read them twice. :-)
Thank you for including me in your sphere of friends and family.

I was truly heartbroken to learn of your precious son's death.
You have said what an angel he was and I know he is with the angels now,
but I especially feel for you and your family for this great loss and pain...
You are one of the most sensitive and loving beings I have ever met:
so very, very generous and tender.
I am so sorry that you of all people are experiencing this grief.
Although I cannot begin to imagine what all you are going through,
I do know that your evolved ability to love and your awakened state of consciousness
are enabling you to go very deeply into the mysteries you are being taken into.
I am sure you are doing this for all of us.

Anyway, my beloved Valentina, I just wanted to write to say thank you,
bless you, and bless your whole family.
My heart is with you and I will never forget all of your kindness towards me.
I hope we will see each other again soon.
I would love for you to meet my son, Alexander.
(Alex, we call him. He is about 20 months old. Very sweet boy. Full of curiosity for everything in life.)


Santa Fe, NM, USA
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