Soul & Body Recovery (valentinarussia) wrote,
Soul & Body Recovery

You have been there for all of us, now we are there for you.

Dear dear Valentina,

I am very grateful that you were so thoughtful to send the picture of your
dear son for us to see. Even though I did not have the privilege of meeting
him face to face, I know the Light that he is and a true spark of the
Divine. Even from the picture, the smile, the love radiates from him just
as it does from you dear Valentina and you will smile again someday as you
know that your son is perfect, whole and at peace and always by your side
even from the other realm. I have always loved you and do very much carry
you in my heart, my prayers have gone out to the Father, Mother, God,
Goddess for you, all the rest of the family and dear precious Yevgeney. It
is wonderful that you are sharing the journal of letters and expanding all
the compassion and support that is sent to you. I too join all the others
expressing love and healing energy to be felt in that deep level of your
heart. If there is ever anything you want to ask of me, please do.
You have been there for all of us, now we are there for you.
And we are all One.

I love you, Aleena~joy Davis....from Spring, Texas
where my home is open to you as is my heart.
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